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About Together Fellowship

We purpose to be:
Bible based – All of the Bible is based upon the Torah (First five books).  We consider all of the Bible (Gen. – Rev.) to be our anchor in life as well as what propells us.  All of the Bible is “God-breathed” inspiration from God to man, as a blessing and guide, for every area of life.

Spirit-led – While the Bible is the revealed Word of God, the Spirit of God directs us in it’s application.  We view this to be so in every area of life including our gatherings.  While the Holy Spirit moves to meet needs, He always does so in an orderly manner which never contradicts the written Word. Miracles are not “miracles” to God; they are “normal” to Him.  We expect God to be God in our gatherings and even every day as the Spirit of God moves among us.

Family Integrated – While many groups split and divide the family, we purpose to support the family unit as a God ordained institution.  We have taken this approach since the beginning and have found it to be very beneficial not only for the children, but also for the family of God “at-large”.  Obviously sometimes it is prudent to make adjustments but this is our general approach.

Congregation – Unfortunately, here in America, the word “church”, has become synonymous with “building”.  But not one time does the Bible ever refer to the “church” as a building: Rather it is always people.  Of course, we utilize buildings; homes for fellowship groups (the heart of Together Fellowship), and larger buildings for larger gatherings.  But we purpose to remember that it is people that God cares for and loves.

Israel – We are committed to the restoration of the (people) Israel of God according to the divine will of Elohim / God as referenced all through the Scriptures Ez. 37:19Eph. 2:15Rev. 21:12

Together – God can do great things under any circumstances but He especially responds when His people unite in one accord with each other and Him.

Fellowship – We see ourselves as just one expression of the family of God; a part of the Body of Messiah as a whole.  We choose to live as His people, in “community” as we reach out to the lost and the larger Body of Messiah.

We purpose to:
Be culturally relevant:  God has made it very clear that He is most concerned about the condition of our hearts.  We are very committed to the proper application of relational theology however we approach the Bible as a handbook for life, in relationship with God and others rather than interesting literature to study and debate.

Help the hurting – The central figure of the Bible, Yeshua (Jesus) placed a great emphasis on genuinely caring for the hurting in spirit, soul and body; and then He instructed us to do what He did so that is what we purpose to do.

Love the unloved – Yeshua said that the greatest commandment is to love and the writer of most of the “New Testament” said that no matter how “obedient” you are, if you don’t love others, your actions are empty.  It is our desire that our actions are full of life and all that really matters.

Reach the lost / Calling in Israel to the God of Israel – God is preparing for the epic confrontation between the forces of good and the forces of evil.  For these reasons and more He softening and cultivating hearts all around the glob, preparing them to receive the seed of the Word of God.

Make Disciples – Reaching the lost is a good thing but how much greater it is if the found learn to find others.  That is the way the Bible tells us to live.

Serve the Community – The Bible teaches that God’s people are to care for all people as we are an expression of love and Himself.

We are a community of singles, couples, families and groups, networked together.  –  We are a “geographically challenged” group of like minded people.  While separated by miles, we are united in spirit and in “Fellowship Groups“.  We utilize the internet and phone services to communicate regularly.

Seeking a lifestyle of healing & health – Yeshua came that so that we would have an abundant life but it doesn’t just automatically happen; he gave us a recipe, a formula, a blueprint to follow and so we purpose to live a lifestyle of healing and health in spirit, soul and body.   

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