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The pathway to begin fellowship:

1.Team up with a Fellowship Group if possible
2. Join our Online Community
Meet Jesus / Yeshua
Join our community meetings
5. Help and encourage others to find their way



A quick introduction and some easy ways to get to know us:

We are a Spirit-led, Bible-based community of singles, couples, families, and groups who look to Jesus / Yeshua as our Source.  When possible, we encourage uniting in small groups that we call Fellowship Groups. 

While we do meet locally, we have also developed a unique array of other options to connect.

“Church” life was never intended to be lived independently of the body of Believers.  Therefore, we network, communicate and meet throughout the week locally, and in our online community, for relationship, encouragement, and support of both spiritual and physical needs. We purpose to experience true Life as the Body of Christ.

This was the way of life for God’s people throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and it is the way Jesus taught His disciples to live.  It was the way of life in early America, and it is actually quite common in much of the world even today.

To learn more about us:

To join in and keep up with what’s happening:

  • No matter where you are you can join many of our Community Meetings via the internet.  It is even accessible on mobile devices if you are away from home!
  • Join a local or online Fellowship Group.
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  • Join Parson Rayphe on Facebook.
  • Receive email notifications of all Blog posts and articles here (right column sign up) or the RSS feed.
  • Contact us here If you are seeking the things of God. We would love to hear from you!



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