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Community Life and Meeting Information


Join us at our very interactive on-line community at Survivors Online.

Click here for information about Fellowship Groups . Contact us for locations

Some meetings are posted on our calendar.   There is much more going on that you can find out about in our on-line community at Survivors Online.  However everything we do isn’t always scheduled.

Dr. Rayphe leads a Fellowship Group teaching and discussion every Saturday at 11:00 A.M. PT. If you are seeking the things of God you are welcomed to join in person, by internet or phone.  The meeting is always very interactive for all who would like to participate.

We also host various live webinars and online events on a variety of subjects related to living life with Jesus / Yeshua and the restoration of the “Israel of God” Gal. 16:20.

Most teachings, webinars and seminars are recorded and may be viewed here. (in development)

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