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Church “Membership”
All who are seeking the things of Yahweh, the God of the Bible are enthusiastically encouraged to join us in our gatherings, Bible studies and other related activities. But we see “membership” similar to a committed family type of “relationship”.

The entire Bible is centered around relationships (Mt. 22:36-39).  God places great value upon community and relationships. Because this is where His top priorities can be found, we likewise place great value upon these things.

So, when it comes to “membership” relational or even leadership considerations; A committed relationship (which would include leadership considerations) with Together Fellowship will, by the Spirit of God, look something like the following;

  • A believable life testimony of commitment to God
  • Baptized at Together Fellowship or another, mutually agreed upon, like-minded ministry
  • Regularly participating in gatherings
  • An active, contributing part of a Fellowship Group
  • Faithfully supporting Together Fellowship by way of tithes / donations
  • Participating in outreaches and other functions as opportunity and availability allow

We do not keep a “membership list” and we do not have a formal process by which “membership” certificates are issued.

We look forward to you becoming an integral part of Together Fellowship.

Are you interested in leadership at Together Fellowship?  This is the place to start.

Thank you for your interest.

Dr. Rayphe




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