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Chronological Life Application Study Bible Review

Parson Rayphe, Bible, Deliverance, HealingTyndale Publishers Maintains Their Faithful History of Applicable Bible Helps

As I write this review of Tyndale House Publishers Chronological Life Application Study Bible, I have on my desk the first Bible that I used called “The Way”.

“The Way” was first published in 1972 and I received my copy in 1973. It is full of relational information to encourage readers to have an authentic relationship with Jesus. Among my many Bibles this is one that shows the most wear.

Now, decades later, I hold in my hand another Bible by Tyndale Publishers; the Chronological Life Application Study Bible.

Since 1962 Tyndale House Publishers has earned a reputation of presenting the Word of God in a way that is practical for real-life application.

Today, as a Pastor, I value the Word of God more than ever. This is why I whole heartedly commend Tyndale with another fine offering to help God’s people apply His Words of Life to every area of our lives.

General Observations of the Chronological Life Application Study Bible

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible is available in two translations to meet the needs of a full spectrum of Bible students; the King James Version and the New Living Translation.

Upon receiving this Bible the first thing I noticed was the attractive cover and matching dust cover. The next thing I saw was it’s obvious size. While it is a large book it is not cumbersome or impractical.

While some see larger Bibles as a disadvantage I see them as an advantage. When you open up this Bible, along with the Biblical text, you will be amazed at the quantity of well organized, useful information.

As a nondenominational Pastor that teaches inductive Bible study I am sensitive to non-Biblical, traditional ideologies. For those concerned with that you need not worry here. Though it is impossible for anyone to be 100% impartial; while providing a plethora of extremely useful information Tyndale does so without pushing extra Biblical theologies or other agendas.

The archaeological information, the chronological presentation, the life application notes and the abundance of other information found here is presented in such a way as to encourage the reader to learn and draw their own conclusions rather than simply taking another’s word for it.

Specific Observations of Tyndale Publishers Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Some of the features that make this Bible a wonderful resource to facilitate Biblical studies are:

  • Tables of Contents which show the page location of every verse in the Bible.
  • A chronological survey of both the Old and New Testaments.
  • The Bible is divided into ten historical eras. These ten time periods help to present the Bible in a logical, chronological manner. When open, there is a “header” which spans the top of both pages that shows all ten time periods and identifies which time period the pages are open to. This helps the reader remember where they are studying in relation to Biblical history.
  • A multitude of colorful, well placed photographs, notes, illustrations and maps that probably address every significant issue in the Bible in a way that provides the necessary information to enable the reader to draw their own conclusions.
  • Along with the above study helps you will also find all of the features that one might expect in a good quality study Bible including things like book introductions, personality profiles, gospel harmony chart, parallel passage information etc.
  • All of the above and much more is packed between the covers of this well designed Bible including the thought-provoking and applicable life application notes that the Life Application Bible (which I purchased years ago) is famous for. If you have a regular Life Application Bible, it’s all here and more.

Honestly there are just too many useful features to list in a review short enough that anyone would read.

One review of this Bible I read indicated that there is actually too much information and that the layout is too busy; I couldn’t disagree more. Certainly there is a lot of information, but isn’t that why you buy a study Bible? To me, the more credible information the more value in a single volume.

Regarding the layout, it literally took me no time… zero minutes to understand its easy to read configuration. I did read the how-to section to make sure none of the valuable features were overlooked. The excellent layout and the very readable font size with crisp print make this Bible a joy to read.


As a nondenominational Pastor of many years who is also a Pastoral counselor that teaches inductive Bible studies and produces a Daily Chronological Audio Bible production, I cannot say enough about Tyndale House Publishers Chronological Life Application Study Bible.

If utilized, this Bible will become a most valued resource for anyone who seeks to apply the timeless truths of God’s Word to live the life God intended in these days.

I have several Bibles but this one is kept right on my desk all the time.

Anyone who values the Word of God will treasure this edition of God’s Word, joined with extensive, applicable information, all for the purpose of leading us to our wonderful Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Messiah.

While I have promoted a few, selected products in the past, this is my first “product review” and I guess I am supposed to say that I was provided a copy of this Bible for the review but it was not required that it be favorable.

Buy this and use it to allow God’s Word to come alive to you and your family.

I’ll see you out in the field,

Parson Rayphe ~ Pastor & Pastoral Counselor ministering deliverance, health and healing to spirit, soul and body
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