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Are you preparing your children for the future?

Parson Rayphe, Bible, Deliverance, HealingThe stated goal of the homosexual agenda far supersedes simple “equality”. Rather it is radical social engineering.

Many homosexual activists, and their supporters, are not satisfied by merely having the deviant declared normal.

But rather their goal is to have the normal declared deviant.

A Potentially Rough Road Ahead

Absent divine intervention, the road ahead may be rough for committed Christians. God instructs us to train up our children in the way that they should go, Prov. 22:6, Eph. 6:4. If you are neglecting to prepare your children for the future you may be dooming them to confusion, heartache and agony in defeat.  Why do I say that?  Take a look at what they will be facing here and  here.

Does God meet us in our time of need?  Absolutely.  But He also expects us to do our part (Gen.14:14, 2 Ti. 2:15).

What you can do

To that end, I recently learned about a ministry called the Christian History Institute that has created a very good looking series of videos titled “The Torchlighters – Heroes of the Faith“.  I’ve not watched the videos at length but they have an impressive offering and the videos I did see seemed to offer very encouraging and informative, age appropriate viewing for younger children. They chronicle the lives of dear saints who gave of themselves to share the good news with the lost.  The videos reminded me a little of the relatively short lived “Liberty’s Kids” series except they are strictly Biblically based.

Enjoy the conviction of moving forward

There are many things the biological and church family can and should be doing to prepare our children for the future.  Have you been diligent in this area?  If not, don’t fall under condemnation but rather stand in conviction to not leave your children as bait and prey for the wolves.  Know that every little bit you can do will help them in their future.

I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe
Leading Elder of Together Fellowship

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