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Is the “Church” down the street what it appears to be?

Rayphe-Profile-Picture-225x169-150x150Statistics vary but approximately 75% of America’s Christian churches have less than 125 members with the vast majority well under 50.

It is generally accepted that only 10 or at the most 15% of the members of a given church are actively involved and supporting their church.

Consider the implications of this in regards to the “church” and large commercial size buildings:

  • What percentage of the church’s finances are committed to supporting the building such as mortgage, loans, maintenance, utilities, etc.?
  • What percent of the time is the large church building really utilized to it’s potential?
  • How much volunteer and paid tiChurch buildings pictures-2me is committed to building maintenance in the way of building committees, work days, janitorial, parking lot striping, painting, ADA and building code compliance etc. etc. etc.
  • How many look to the building as “the church” rather than what the “church” is: people?

I certainly have no problem with Christians meeting in larger buildings when there is a need, we do. After all they sure are nice when it is cold and blustery or scorching hot in the August sun; But lets keep things in perspective.  After all, Christian church buildings, as we know them today, can’t even be found in the Bible.

I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe




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