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Who is Israel – the short story

Are you a Christian?  Then you are a part of God’s people Israel – Biblical Israel; not the geographic body politic in the Middle East.  They are different entities and should not be confused.

In Genesis Chapter 1 God created man (Adam) and woman in His image.

When the genealogy of Adam is followed we see that it leads directly to Abraham (whom the Bible identifies as a Hebrew), Isaac, Jacob and on to Moses.

All of the “Old Testament” Prophets of Israel cried out to Israel proclaiming Yahweh as their God. And then in Is. 56:5 Prophet Isaiah specifically says that all who accept Yahweh as their God are welcomed into Israel.

In Mt. 1:6 we see that King David is a descendant of Abraham the Hebrew, and then among other places, in verse 20 we see that Yeshua’s family line is also in the line of King David.

In Mt. 15:24 Yeshua said He came “but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel”.

108 times, from Exodus to Luke, Yahweh is identified as the God of Israel. In Mt. 27:42, Mk. 15:32, Jn.1:49 and Jn. 12:13 Yeshua is referred to as the “King” of Israel.

Apostle Paul, the writer of the majority of the “New Testament” is also an Israelite, Rom. 11:1.

Peter and James specifically addressed the scattered Israelites as it is so clearly stated in Chapter 1 Verse one of their letters.

All who enter into the New Jerusalem will enter through the twelve gates of Israel Rev. 21:12

The Hebrew Messiah is central to all of the Bible and the Bible clearly states that He came for the sake of the people of Yahweh God; Israel.

The Bible was written primarily by Israel, for Israel and to Israel and you are not only allowed to join, not only invited, but the Creator of the Universe is calling out to you to come unto Him; join the fold.

For more information see “Who is the Church” by Parson Rayphe.

I’ll see you out in the field,
Parson Rayphe

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